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Crime and safety

Italy and its regions

In 2014 geographical differences in crime type were evened out. As regards "street crime", the highest rate of robbery is registered in Campania, followed at a distance by Lazio. The highest values of reported thefts is instead recorded in the Centre and the North, specifically in Emilia-Romagna, Lazio and Lombardia. Piemonte and Emilia-Romagna show the highest rates of domestic burglary, while mugging is more prevalent in the South and Islands, particularly in Sicilia and Campania.

Intentional homicides in the country are clearly decreasing and Calabria remains the region with the highest incidence.As regards people reported to the Judicial Authority, the trend in criminal prosecution against them is rather irregular. In 2013, the highest rate of reported persons sent for prosecution was recorded in Molise, Calabria and Abruzzo. A similar distribution can be observed for people reported who had charges dismissed: the rate varies from 890.6 in the North-east to 1,236.8 in the South and Islands.

In 2014, 43.4% of the prison population is held in adult penal institutions in the South and Islands. Umbria has the highest ratio of prison to resident population, Bolzano the lowest. Overall, the South has a percentage of foreign prisoners (15.8%) much lower than the Centre and North areas (48.6%).

The highest rate of female homicide victims is observed in some regions of the Centre and North: Umbria and Toscana, in particular, present the highest values. As regards the perception of safety, it is to be pointed out that citizens' perception of crime risk in their area is increasing in all regions (especially in the Centre and North).