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Culture and leisure time

An overview

In 2013 Italian households on average dedicated 6.5 percent of total final consumption expenditure to recreation and culture, a lower value than in 2012, which confirmed the negative trend started in 2010.

After the downward trend begun in the years of the crisis, reading books and newspapers stabilised in 2015. Those who have read books over the last year, however, are still less than half of the population aged 6 and over, and among these the "weak readers" (1 to 3 books) are the most numerous. The highest percentage of readers is found among young people and women .

The share of newspaper readers, mainly adults and men, remained stable with few regulars readers. The use of the Internet to read/download online newspapers, news and magazines is widespread, although slightly decreasing, among nealy 50 percent of the 20-24-year-olds. 8.2 percent of the population aged 6 and over read/download online books or e-books, especially those in the 18-24 age group.

Recent years have seen an increase in cultural participation, especially in the number of visits to museums and exhibitions, to archaeological sites and monuments and cinema, which continues to rank first among all cultural activities.

The propensity to practice sport, higher among men than among women, is growing, but still involves only one third of the population; just under one in four people take part in sport on a regular basis.