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An overview

In 2014, Italian population counted over 60 million resident people, and recorded a minimum increase to the previous year.

On January the 1st 2015, ageing index gained relevant dimensions, and raised to 157.7%, while dependency ratio had a value of 55.1%.
During 2014, the natural increase rate was stable on a low point ever reached since the two-year period 1917-1918. As for migration dynamics, a slow-down in increase was observed due to the increase of the Italian emigration and the contemporary decrease of foreign immigration.
According to 2015 estimates, for the first time in the last 10 years, life expectancy recorded a turnaround, with a decrease of 0.2 percentage points for men and 0.3 for women.
On the other side the total fertility rate kept decreasing, and set on 1.37 children per woman as average, while 2.1. children would be necessary to the generational turnover. The mean age at childbearing - 31.5 years - was stable to the previous year.

As for marriages, they continued diminishing also in 2014 decreasing to 189,765, with a major decrease of first marriages by both Italian spouses. 43.1% of marriages was celebrated with the civil rate. Eventually, as for separations and divorces they were 89,303 and 52,355 respectively, with an increase in the last 15 years by 24.1% and 39.3%.