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Italy within the European context

In 2013 the Eu28 countries recorded again a steady decrease of the urban waste generation and the average waste collection was 481 kg per capita. Italy was slightly above the average (491 kg), reducing by 2.5% to 2012 (12 kg less per inhabitant). The situation in the Eu area was widely differentiated, namely Germany, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands disposed in landfills less than 10 Kg per inhabitant; at the opposite side Cyprus, Malta and Greece with more than 400 Kg per capita. In such a context Italy was halfway with about 181 Kg per inhabitant in 2013 disposed in landfills.

During the second term of the Kyoto Protocol (2013-2020), Eu28 countries have the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% as average to the 1990 level. In 2013, the general reduction of emissions by Eu28 countries to the base year was of 21.2% (the last year average reduction was 1.9%). Between 1990 and 2013 Italy reduced by 16.1% total greenhouse gas emissions passing from 521.1 million tons of equivalent Co2 in 1990 to 437.3 in 2013 (-6,7% to 2012).

Italy in 2012, was the country with the highest level of fed water for drinking purposes, 9,451 million of m3, followed by the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Germany. Also in the percapita analysis our country ranked first, with 159 m3 per year, to an average value of 79, followed by Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece and Spain. All the other countries presented values below 100 m3 per inhabitant, with a minimum annual percapita of fed water in Malta.