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Italy within the European context

The past decade showed a trend to a convergent Gdp per capita among European countries. A robust growth charachterised the new member countries in general. In Italy Gdp measured at Ppp increased by 6.9% in 2014 to 2005.
In all Eu28 countries, excluding the Czech Republic, Ireland and Luxembourg the incidence of consumption to Gdp was above 70%; in Italy it was 80.6%, and the investments share to Gdp (16.6%) was below European average. Among the main European countries, the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain registered a growth in the investment volume to 2013, while the aggregate showed drops in Italy and France. In the past year our country registered an increasing competitiveness in terms of market shares on world export of goods and ranked 4th in Europe. After 3 years of reduction, the presence of Italian traders in the Eu28 increased (over 153 thousand).

Between 2010 to 2014 Italian output growth was sharply below the European and main countries output, except the United Kingdom.

In 2015 inflation in the Eu28 was null and slightly positive in Italy. In a general framework of softening or zeroing in price dynamics, only 15 countries including Italy registered positive rates, though limited and not above a percentage point (except Malta), two countries had null values (Ireland and the United Kingdom) and 11 countries negative rates (6 in 2014).
In 2014 the majority of European countries registered a new growth or a reduction in the decrease of house prices, with a partial reduction of the previous imbalances. Italy presented the highest decrease, just below Slovenia.