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Territorial Statistics

Italy within the European context

The average population in Italian Nuts2 areas (nearly 2,9 million inhabitants), which is one of the highest in Europe, is only lower than that of Lithuania. Italy is closely followed by France, Romania and Spain.

With regard to population density, Italy is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe, with 201.2 inhabitants per Km2 against the Eu28 average of 112.9 per Km2. Only the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom , Germany and Luxembourg present higher population density, with the special exception of Malta, with 1,352.4 inhabitants per Km2. The Eu countries with the lowest population density are Sweden and Finland, with values of less than 23 inhabitants per Km2.

In 2015, Italy ranked twelfth among the Eu-28 countries for the percentage of territory placed under Natura 2000 network protection, with 19.3 percent of protected areas against a Eu average of 18.1 percent. Eastern European countries had the highest percentage of territory in the Natura 2000 network, while United Kingdom and Denmark the lowest .

The new useful surface area being set at 100 in 2010, the indicator for the Eu28 remained stable at 81.3; Italy and other 5 countries presented values below 50, while other 9 countries exceeded 100.