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Science, technology and innovation

Italy within the European context

In 2013 R&D expenditure in the Eu28 countries accounted for 2.03 percent of the Eu Gdp. Only the Scandinavian countries performed above the 3 percent ratio set as a common target by the Europe 2020 strategy. Italy was still performing worse than the main Eu economies and was just above Spain.
The patent intensity indicator varied widely among the Eu28 countries: over the last years the indicator has shown a fall in nearly half the Eu28 countries, with Italy registering values well under the Eu28 average.

In an European comparison, the number of households that are connectable to the Internet over a broadband connection in 2014 was on average over 90 percent and four leading countries showed values close to saturation; Italy showed values higher than the Eu average, performing better than in 2013.
In 2013 the first positions in the European ranking of R&D personnel were occupied by countries from the Eu15 group; Italy remained under both the Eu average and the most important European economies but higher than Greece. Also the share of Italian S&T graduates per thousand residents aged 20-29 years was lower than the Eu average, standing 3.6 percentage points below it.

In 2014 Italy and Greece occupied the third to last position in the Eu ranking of Internet users, while Luxembourg and Denmark reached values close to saturation. The share of Italian households using a broadband connection was lower than the Eu average, with the highest rates in Northern European countries.