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Culture and leisure time

Italy and its regions

Since 2011 the percentage of household expenditure on recreation and culture has been decreasing in all geographical areas. The highest value for such expenditure is observed in the North-west, while the South and Islands presents a share much lower than the national average.

In 2015, the propensity to read books, which was in decline over recent years, started increasing in almost all geographical areas. With the only exception of Sardegna, however, all regions of the South and Islands area showed values below the national average. Most readers of newspapers live in the North; Sardegna, however, represents an exception with a share of newspaper readers, including regular readers, higher than in many northern regions. Even the reading of online newspapers and magazines is more widespread in the North than in the South and Islands. Despite these regional differences, a slight, but widespread decline in the use of these means has been observed since 2013.

Access to digital books via the Internet show great differences at the geographical level. The area of the country where this phenomenon is most common is the North-west, which is also the only area where this activity has increased over 2014; conversely, the region where such phenomenon is less common is Campania.

Participation to events and entertainments out of home shows great regional differences. The gap between geographical areas is very significant with regard to visits to museums and monuments, which are more common in the Centre and North, while it is smaller as regards attending dancing venues and cinemas.

The highest propensity to practice sport is registered in the North, the lowest in the South and Islands, where the highest number of sedentary people can be found. Bolzano, Trento and the Valle d'Aosta show the greatest incidence of people who dedicate themselves to sport activities in their leisure time.