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Italy and its regions

In 2014 Molise and Basilicata produced less than 400 kg of municipal waste per inhabitant (a drop to 2013). the opposite happened in Emilia-Romagna and Toscana which are first producers with over 600 kg and still growing. The autonomous province of Bolzano, Lombardia and Friuli-Venezia Giulia were among the best performing regions as for the percentage of municipal waste disposed in landfills to the total of collected municipal waste. Sicilia had a critical situation with more than 80%. As for separate collection, the autonomous province of Trento and Veneto were the best with over 65%, that was the goal established for 2012. Sicilia is the most distant form the established targets.

As for air pollution, in 2015 North-west households mainly declared to have a problem, while as for the unpleasant odors the households of the South and Islands areas were mainly involved.

Lombardia was the region with the largest amount of fed water for drinking purposes, 16% to the total. Important volumes were also recorded in Lazio and in Campania. Valle d'Aosta and Sicilia were the regions with the main increase to 2008 as a percentage in fed water, by 32.7% and 14.1% respectively. At the opposite side Puglia and Marche registered the main reduction, by 14.7% and by 13.2% respectively. In Italy fed water accounted for 435 liters per inhabitant. In 2012 the highest values of fed water were in Basilicata, and the lowest in Puglia.