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Crime and safety

Italy within the European context

In the European comparison, Italy with 0.78 intentional homicides per 100,000 inhabitants ranks along with Poland below the Eu28 average (about 1 homicide per 100,000 inhabitants). The situation is better in 7 countries, including Spain and Germany.

Among the 28 Eu countries the inprisonment rate per 100,000 inhabitants shows a significant variability with values, in 2013, between 313 prisoners in Lithuania and the nearly 60 in Sweden. Italy, with 103 prisoners per 100,000 inhabitants ranks below the European average and among the eleven countries with a proportionally lower number of detainees.

In all EU countries for which data are available, with the exception of Latvia, there are more victims among men than among women. Within a differentiated framework, Italy is in an intermediate position between Luxembourg, where the number of women killed is equal to zero and Latvia, where 50 percent of homicide victims are women.