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Italy within the European context

For more than a decade the Eu health system has undergone reforms aimed at rationalizing resources and limiting spending.

Health public expenditure in Italy (2,381 Usd per inhabitant) was below the main European countries; the share of private health expenditure was 22.6% of the total, over a percentage point below Germany and Austria.
As for hospital bed supply, Italy ranked 21 and was still below Eu28 average (5.3 beds per thousand inhabitants).

Our country was located in the middle of the ranking on ordinary in-patient admissions for neoplasms and diseases of the circulatory system (1,149.2 and 2,002.6 per 100 thousand inhabitants respectively).
The mortality rate for neoplasms and diseases of the circulatory system was below the European average. Italy was among the countries with the lowest infant mortality rate (2.9 per thousand live births), comparable with Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Austria and Portugal.

Smoking habit was lower in Sweden, Luxembourg and Finland. Italy was in a central position in the ranking of the 21 Eu countries belonging to Oecd, first rankings were for Greece, Hungary and Estonia.
As for obesity, our country was among the countries with lower values, such as Sweden and the Netherlands. At the opposite side Hungary, Greece and Estonia. The high values of the United Kingdom and Luxembourg were affected by the fact that the used indicator referred to the measured and not to the declared weight and height as it is for other countries; it is known in literature that adults underestimate these values.