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Science, technology and innovation

Italy and its regions

The highest percentage of the national R&D expenditure is concentrated in the North of the country while the South and Islands show values lower than the national average.
Between 2005 and 2011 Emilia-Romagna registered the sharpest fall in the number of patents per million inhabitants . While the decrease affected all geographical areas, the territorial distribution of patent applications still showed a disadvantage in the South and Islands.

The territorial divide in terms of enterprises using fixed broadband connections to the Internet is reducing but it still remains varied. The proportion of the indicator in Calabria and Basilicata is still smaller than the national average, while enterprises in the North-west area perform better.
In terms of R&D personnel the South and Island area still registered the lowest values; in 2013 the autonomous province of Trento, Emilia-Romagna and Piemonte were at the top of the ranking.

In 2013 the percentage of S&T graduates aged 20-29 years showed a slight increase in the North-west (+4 percentage point) and in the Centre (+1.9 percentage point); regions in the South and Islands area still reported much lower values (-4.4 percentage point compared to the national average).
In 2015 all regions in the Centre and North area showed values of Internet use higher than the national average, while the South and Islands registered the lowest figures. Household access to broadband connection varies widely across the country. In the Centre and North area, over two-thirds of households have a fast connection; in the South and Islands this figure falls to 60.6 percent.