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Italy within the European context

In terms of utilized agricultural area, the average size of the farms in the Eu28 is 16.1 hectares, ranging from 133.0 hectares in the Czech Republic to 1.2 in Malta. The distribution is also quite irregular, with 18 countries with an average farm size higher than the European average. In this context, Italy is among the 10 countries with smaller sized farms, with an average area below 12.0 hectares calculated by excluding small holdings (below the thresholds set in the EC Regulation n. 1166/2008). Including small farms, which are highly typical of the Italian agriculture in certain geographic areas although below the European thresholds, the average size even falls to 8.4 hectares.

Italy remains the leading country for the number of high-quality agro-food products with Pdo, Pgi and Tsg labels. Italian high-quality agro-food products account for more than a quarter of total Pdo (27.6 percent), 17.2 percent of Pgi and 4.1 percent of Tsg certifications granted by the European Commission. The sectors with the highest number of labels are fruit and vegetables and cereals followed, at a distance, by cheese, extra virgin olive oil and meat preparations. The countries which, besides Italy, place a high value on their own high-quality products belong to the Mediterranean area: France, Spain and, albeit to a lesser extent, Portugal and Greece.