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Italy within the European context

In 2014, Italy accounted for 12% of the over 508 million inhabitants of the European Union, and was confirmed as the 4th country in the demographic ranking after Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

As for the aging index Italy ranked second in the Eu after Germany. The average value of the ageing index in the Eu28 was 118.6% and there were 7 countries whose index was below 100.
There were 12 countries with a dependency ratio below the threshold of 50% and they mainly belong to the East Europe area.
Italy ranked 19th in the Eu ranking for the natural increase rate, well below the Eu28 average.
In 2013 Italy was among the European countries with the highest level of life expectancy at birth. The countries with the lowest levels for both sexes were all located in East Europe.
On the contrary Italy ranked 20th as for the fertility rate, where France (1.99) and Ireland (1.96) were the only countries with values slightly below the threshold of the generational turnover. The countries with the lowest fertility rate included Portugal and Spain. When considering the mean age at childbearing Italy ranked 3rd after Spain and Ireland.

Italy, with 3.2 marriages over one thousand inhabitants, stood among the countries with lowest numbers of marriages; Portugal, Slovenia and Bulgaria only had a lower nuptiality rate. However our country, followed by Malta and Ireland only, stood out for its reduced share of divorces (0.9 every one thousand inhabitants in 2013).