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Italy within the European context

Collective accommodation establishments numbered an average of 61 bed-places per 1,000 inhabitants in Europe. Croatia reported by far the highest value (211) followed at a distance by Luxembourg, Austria, Greece and Cyprus, with over 100 bed-places per 1,000 inhabitabts, and Malta, Sweden, Netherlands and Italy with lower figures.
In the period between 2000-2014, the overall accommodation capacity in Europe rose from 48.3 to 61 bed-places per 1,000 inhabitants and Italy recorded a percentage increase in line with the European average.

In 2014 most Eu28 countries recorded an average length of stay in tourist accommodation establishments lower than 4 nights. Italy ranked eighth and Spain occupied the sixth position; both countries showed higher values than the Eu28 average (2.96 nights). France and Germany all recorded short average length of stay with figures below the European average.

Data on participation in tourism for long holidays (4 nights or more) by residents aged 15 or over recorded a European average of 40.5 percent in 2013, with the highest levels in Luxembourg and the lowest in Romania. Italy recorded a value of 34.5 percent. Among the closest Member States, Germany, France, Austria and Spain showed higher values.