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Foreign population

Italy within the European context

On 1st January 2014, foreign residents accounted for 8.1 percent of the Italian population, 1.5 percentage points more than the Eu average, placing Italy at tenth place in the ranking of the 28 Eu Member States, between Germany (8.7 percent) and the United Kingdom (7.8 percent), with a value higher than that of France (6.3 percent). In these countries migration has a much longer history and a higher number of foreigners are likely to have acquired citizenship. In countries with shorter histories of migration, like Spain, foreign residents account for a higher share of the population compared to Italy.

The Eu28 average employment rate in 2014 showed a higher increase for non-national than for national population although, differently from the situation in Italy, the level of participation in the labour market of non-nationals was lower than that of nationals, especially in those countries that have a much longer history of migration. The unemployment rate decreased for both nationals and non-nationals, however showing remarkably higher values for the latter group similarly to the Italian situation (16.4 percent as against 9.7 percent). At the European level the gap between the two components was larger than in Italy.