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Labour market

Italy within the European context

The Italian labour market was significantly affected by the economic crisis, as a result the employment rate sharply reduced while the unemployment increased. Though also in Italy the employment rate in the age group 20-64 grew again in 2014, the gap with the European union was still wide particularly for women (13.1 points). The same happened for the age group 55-64 where gaps widely persisted with the Italian rate lower than 5.6 points below the European average.
Temporary workers continued to grow, their share in Europe was slightly higher than in Italy. As for the incidence of part-time job, the Eu average was 20.3 percent and the Italian value was relatively lower. Mainly women took advantage from this type of job due to its flexibility.
Unemployment grew in all Eu countries. Although the unemployment rate in 2014 decreased by 0.6 points (stopping at an average of 10.2 percent), its value was still far from that of 7.0 percent in 2008. The Italian indicator was above the European one for the third consecutive year. The situation in the age group 15-24 was particularly critical in Spain, Greece and Croatia whose values were equal to more than double than in the Eu. The growing trend in long-term unemployment affected all countries with an average of 49.6 percent; in a decreasing ranking Italy was the third after Greece and Slovakia. The European non-participation rate decreased by 0.5 points in comparison with 2013; the gap between Italy and the Eu average was more than nine points (almost 13 for females).