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Infrastructures and transport

Italy within the European context

Italy is among the Eu countries with the lowest ratio between motorway density and cars registered. Also the railway network/population ratio is lower than the Eu average. If the technological development of the network is considered, the situation is better in terms of kilometres of electrified double-track network in relation to population. Within the European Union the car ownership rate in Italy is by far among the highest, only lower than in Luxembourg and Lithuania.

Germany was once again the leading European country for road freight transport, with 310 billion Tkm, while Italy ranked sixth and was surpassed by the main partners of the Eurozone; the value of the indicator for Italy compared with population was among the lowest.
With reference to passenger traffic, an increase of 6.3 percent was recorded in the European Union (from 827.2 in 2013 to 879.4 million in 2014). In Italy air passengers increased from 115.2 to 121.3 million: measuring passengers against population, Italy lies among the countries with medium-low density of air passenger traffic.
The port of Trieste (46 million tonnes) ranked eleventh among Eu ports in terms of total volumes of cargo loaded/unloaded. No Italian port ranked among the top ten for passenger movements: Napoli, Messina, Reggio Calabria and Capri ranked between the eleventh and the fourteenth position. In percentage terms, Italy confirmed the first place in Europe for passenger movements and the fourth for volumes of cargo loaded/unloaded.

Though reducing, in Italy the number of deaths due to road accidents was higher than that recorded in the main Eu partner countries and higher than the Eu28 average.