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Italy within the European context

Electricity consumption in the Eu28 countries was 5,476.1 kWh per capita in 2013, decreasing by 1.2 percent compared to the previous year. The decreasing trend observed since 2008 in almost all countries due to negative economic trends (especially in the two-year period 2008-2009) continued (the overall variation of the average Eu28 value amounts to -4.1 percent compared to 2007).

In Italy the indicator is around 4,770.5 kWh per capita, a value lower than those shown by other larger countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and France. Finland, Sweden and Luxembourg are the countries that consume the largest amount of electricity; Finland and Sweden are also the main producers (gross electricity generation more than double the Eu28 average). Italy, with a value equal to 48.1 GWh per 10,000 inhabitants, is below the Eu28 average of 64.5. The lowest values of the indicator (lower than 50 percent) are recorded in Eastern Europe (Lithuania, Romania, Hungary, Latvia and Croatia).

In Europe the countries that show very high values (equal to or over 50 percent of electricity consumption generated from renewable sources) are Austria and Sweden. Countries that exploit less this type of energy are Malta, Luxembourg, Cyprus and Hungary. The Italian value (31.3 percent) is nonetheless higher than the Eu28 average (25.4).